DogFest New England 2020

The Hastings Family
The Hastings Family

Team Thomas and Naish

Welcome to our team page for DogFest

Thomas has been a member of the CCI community since 2017 and his current companion is a beautiful yellow lab named Naish. They are an inseparable team and Naish knows exactly how to help Thomas when he is in need. Trained in over 40 commands, Naish helps Thomas open doors, retrieve items Thomas drops, and alert the family if Thomas needs help. Naish is also a truly loyal friend who loves Thomas unconditionally and doesn’t see disability - he only sees the boy he loves so much.

Breeding, raising, training, and placing these amazing dogs costs nearly $50,000 per recipient. However, these incredible dogs change people’s lives. Please help us help to give back to CCI by donating to CCI and, if feeling inspired to do even more...


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