DogFest New England 2020

Team Dixon!
Team Dixon!

Team Dixon!

Top 10 reasons that you should donate to Team Dixon:

1. He's probably made you smile at least once.

2. He would totally donate to Team You.

3. He will always bring you a toy when you come over to visit.

4. He is the only dog we know of who has managed to pursue two master's degrees simultaneously while still having time for naps.

5. If you don't, he will look at you with those really sad eyes until you change your mind.

6. He has a top-notch Instagram page (@dixon_pix, check it out!)

7. If we raise $1000, he has promised to finally learn how to play fetch.

8. He will never steal your food (because he's been trained not to).

9. We've made him suffer through 18 hour car rides and full days of hiking, so he deserves a little love.

10. When he graduates, he'll go on to do some pretty awesome work helping someone who needs him.

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