DogFest New Jersey 2018

Can you spot Gemini to the right of Santa? (Don't know why the pic is rotated. The original isn't.)
Can you spot Gemini to the right of Santa? (Don't know why the pic is rotated. The original isn't.)

Julian and Gemini IV

Welcome to our team page for DogFest 2018 on Sunday, Oct. 7 at Roosevelt Park in Edison

Please join our team.

Join us at the park. Walk with us around the lake. And try the dog agility course! It was fun. We did pretty well last year.

And we're very grateful to all the Friends of Gemini and Julian who turned out last year with us. Everyone had a good time and looked forward to returning this year.

What's new since last DogFest? Well, Gemini has learned a bunch of new commands including getting my shoes and braces, putting the laundry away and answering the phone.

But not only that. She has appeared in public to raise awareness for service dogs. She was at the Highland Park Street Fair at my booth. And I demonstrated her skills before each third grade class at the Indian Fields School in South Brunswick for Unique Individuals Day.

Star of stage and screen, you say? Why yes, it's true because we got an extraordinary call this spring. There's a museum in Los Angeles called the California Science Center that's creating a large exhibition called, "Dogs! A Science Tail." It'll explore everying canine from evolution to dog learning to anatomy. They plan a section of the exhibition on service dogs focusing on Canine Companions for Independence. They needed a couple of examples for a short video introducing the exhibit. Canine Companions said, go see Gemini and me. So the museum commissioned a film crew from New York to visit the house and see us in action. It was a very fun day! And the exhibit will open early next year.

I'm so proud of my dog. And I'm pleased to have many friends who want to join with us at DogFest to show their support.

Thank you,





That’s why we’re putting together a team to participate in Canine Companions DogFest Walk ‘n Roll. Together we’ve set a fundraising goal to help fund the work of Canine Companions for Independence.

If you are up for the challenge, join our team. Or you can simply donate online. It all goes towards the goal of giving more people with disabilities the experience of love and independence that comes with a highly trained Canine Companions assistance dog, all FREE of charge.

Thanks for your support!

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