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Give a Dog a Job

No job is too big. No pup is too small.

Canine Companions for Independence® is partnering with Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol pups from Adventure Bay.

The PAW Patrol are the heroes of Adventure Bay, but today they want you to meet some other heroes. The assistance dogs of Canine Companions for Independence.

From Puppy To Assistance Dog

Have you ever wondered how a puppy becomes an assistance dog or how an applicant becomes a graduate? Here’s a great video to show the process and how our organization works.


Grab an item while walking backwards to pull it

light switch

Light / Switch
Turn a light on with nose or off with paw


Lead the handler to the source of a sound


Retrieve an item and hold it until commanded


Hold and carry an item in the mouth until commanded


Put two front feet up to deliver an item

Jobs Puppy

Jobs That Give Independence

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs are there for their human partners with disabilities. Expertly trained to perform over 40 commands these dogs help children, veterans and adults with disabilities open doors, pick up dropped items and much more. Thanks to donors like you, each life-changing dog is provided free of charge to recipients.

coloring book

For a limited time, get a FREE PAW Patrol coloring book, or make a donation of $25 or more and receive the coloring book, certificate and a plush pup.

Meet Dogs With Jobs

Canine Companions assistance dogs are trained to do over 40 commands. They can help pick up crayons, assist with puzzles, retrieve a backpack and other fun things. Our dogs take their jobs seriously but they are always having a great time!

Get Involved

Learn more about volunteering, become a puppy raiser, attend a DogFest event or adopt your very own official plush Canine Companions puppy training to be an assistance dog to help a person with a disability.

Raise a Puppy.
Change a Life.

Become a puppy raiser

Specially bred Canine Companions puppies need dedicated volunteer puppy raisers to provide them a safe home, take them to obedience classes, serve up a healthy diet, provide socialization opportunities and give lots of love.

Raise A Puppy

Join us at


Celebrate the community of people and dogs that make it possible for Canine Companions to change lives for people with disabilities. DogFest is coming to a community near you so grab your leash and get ready to have a tail-waggin’ good time!

Find A DogFest

Start a


Run a race.
Host a barbeque.
Organize a dog wash.
Dedicate a birthday, holiday or anniversary for donations.
Get ideas and much more the DIY Fundraising Site.

Get Started

Canine Companions is joining the fun on the PAW Patrol LIVE tours “Race to the Rescue” and “The Great Pirate Adventure.”

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